Food and drink

The 40s comes to London’s cocktail scene

Super-pale Provence rosé
Rosé is cool again. But only this kind.

Exotic breakfasts by Peter Gordon in boutiquey Seven Dials.

Cocktail Baby
This mini underground bar beneath Joe’s Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden does a great Watermelontini.

Ben’s Canteen

This cute little café in south west London does a mean brunch.

How to become legitimately, therapy-level obsessed with an Italian cooking ingredient.

Sparkling sake After years of loving sushi, how have I only just discovered Japanese fizz?

Leon egg pots
Who says you can’t have eggs for breakfast on the go?

Cocoa nib tea
Meet the heavily chocolate-flavoured hot water that’s rocking my desk-bound afternoons. It sounds weird, but give it a minute.

Salted caramel
It’s been done, right? Wrong. Not like this it hasn’t.

Strawberry milkshake cake
If My Little Pony could bake, this would be the outcome.


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