Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Because we are ALL Rebecca Bunch.

RuPaul’s Drag Race
Start your engines…

Natasha Barnes
The understudy to watch in the West End.

The Affair
Steamy TV drama from across the pond, featuring some hot British talent.

There’s a million tracks you haven’t heard… but just you wait, just you wait.

Amy Schumer
All hail the queen of LOL.

Nigella and Elton on Instagram
My two favourite celeb additions to the Insta-universe.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
They alive, dammit. It’s a miracle.

The Good Wife
Mr Big, political scandals, Juliana Margulies, sexy workwear, colleague crushes, minxy sidekicks… Yes.

The most compelling podcast I’ve ever found – journalist Sarah Koenig goes over the dubious details of a closed murder case from 1999.

The Staves
This folky trio’s autumnal EP is witchy, fiery and symphonic.

Natalie Weiss
This musical theatre star has a voice that will knock your socks off.

Lena Dunham
LD’s having a second wave of success… and I, for one, am not over her.

This batshit musical is the offbeat choice you should be making this theatre season.

Orange is the New Black 
Spot who got Netflix recently. Ignore all my other TV ramblings – if you just pick one, let this witty, insane, bodacious lesbian-showcasing comedy be it.

Prison Break
It’s SUCH A GOOD PREMISE. Plus Wentworth Miller isn’t exactly taxing to look at.

With high levels of camp, wicked twists and a killer wardrobe modelled by the luscious Kerry Washington, this is a show to obsess over if ever I saw one.

The Goldfinch
A long read, my friends, with no shortcut in sight. But the characters and the twisty-turny plot makes the voyage worthwhile.

Jane Russell
This lady had curves, sass and knew how to deliver a killer quip.

The Face USA
If Naomi’s drag-queen rants don’t get you, the feuding contestants will.

Asia the dog
Lady Gaga’s French ‘batpig’ bulldog is the celebrity dog du jour.

Gender Flipping
New found respect for J.Lo via an average song with a pretty funny video.

My ‘sweat it out’ playlist
Trying to run. Finding it hard without Wilson Phillips and Little Mix.

The Pocket app
We all have a problem getting sidetracked at work by fascinating news, long-form investigative pieces and other time-consuming pieces of journalism (Buzzfeed). Here’s your digital saviour.

Fashion Police
Watch out – Joan and co are on the loose. And they think your outfit is an affront to mankind.

Letters of Note
This tear-jerking, heart-warming and gasp-drawing book and blog is an all-time favourite. Read read read.

Duolingo app
Okay, I’ve let this language-learning app slide. But I was properly addicted for a moment there.

Christina Marie
I still haven’t quite gotten over the fact that she didn’t win The Voice.


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