Cheekathon palette

In all of my years of loving and using make-up, the order of my beauty obsessions has gone roughly like this: eye stuff, lip stuff, base/glow stuff. I always knew ‘cheek stuff’ was a thing, I just wasn’t especially excited about it – I associated blusher with a thick, powdery-pink 80s circle on each cheek rather than a delicate, petal-warm glow, and bronzer with the over-caked girls in my year at school (man that was a bad beauty era…. poker-straight, GHD-ironed hair, spidery cheap mascara – no wonder I was traumatised).

Anyway, ‘cheek stuff’ has shot WAY up my beauty lust list in the last couple of years. My turning point was Benefit’s PosieTint, which I blogged about in the early days of this site, and I’ve since found creamy blush treasures from Rimmel and powder ones from Laura Mercier and Bourjois. It really does wake up your face, make you look dewy and dainty, and if you have blue or green eyes you can really bring them out with the right contrasting peach or tutu-pink.

So I was fifty shades of ‘yay’ when a lovely and generous friend bought me this gorgeous Benefit palette, the Cheekathon, for my birthday. A sort of greatest hits of the kitschy brand’s cheek stuff, it has multiple blushers, shimmery highlighters and sultry bronzers, so I can dip in and try all the ones I haven’t yet (so far, I’m loving the Coralista), and experiment with switching subtly from just-back-from-Barbados tanned (I am, sorry) to oh-crap-it’s-winter-and-I’m-pale rosy cheeks. YES. Here come the cheeky swirls.


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