Foundations great and small

The best thing about working in the same publishing company as any women’s magazine is the random and mysterious prospect of The Beauty Sale. For the magazine, it means clearing out their overflowing beauty samples cupboard. For me, working nowhere near lovely scented and shimmering girly stuff these days, it means I get to shovel as many goodies into a carrier bag as I can manage, for whatever cash I happen to have on me that day (they’re always a guerilla-style surprise. You’re often alerted by the herds of fashion gazelles stampeding towards an empty conference room). Joking aside, the money all goes to a great charity and they raise THOUSANDS.

Anywho, this season’s was as much as a blind panic as always, netting me a crazed mix of great-quality designer make up, hastily swiped usefuls (shampoo, body scrub) and one or two ‘what was I thinking?’ eyeshadows or lipsticks. The best product by far, though I knew nothing about it when I grabbed it, was an Armani maestro glow foundation. Actually, it’s more like a primer-meets-highlighter (too silky-thin to actually cover any blemishes) but on a good skin day, it glides on and makes you look super glowy. Like, Puff-Daddy-era J.Lo glowy.

Weirdly enough, just prior to the surprise sale, I had bought a great bargain Maybelline foundation, too (and one with much better, more matte coverage for those not-so-J.Lo days). It’s called Fit Me! Matte and Poreless, and it’s great for hotter days or post-gym when, let’s be real, that Armani liquid gold would slide right off my face. Sometimes you need to bring in the cheap guns.

Armani Maestro Glow is £30 at Maybelline Fit Me! is £5.99 from


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