Silk pyjamas

It’s all bloody Olivia Pope’s fault. I wrote a while back about how obsessed I am with intense US political/crime drama Scandal, but that was before I became equally, if not more, obsessed with lead character Olivia’s PJs. I like to watch the show when I’m in home in slippers with a nice glass of red (Liv is always pouring ruby Chianti into huge, sparkling glassware – if you don’t want a glass at the beginning, you will two thirds in) and not many episodes in, I started to covet her wardrobe. Not her crisp, white and dove grey workwear (although YES) but her lounging wardrobe.

I love to lounge. Imagine how much nicer it would be, I thought (two grapefruit-sized glasses of Tesco Shiraz in), to lounge in mink-grey silk pyjamas, amid cream cable knit throws and charcoal tweed pillows, à la Liv? So I went online and nabbed myself some of those silky bad boys (mine were from eBay, where there are a surprising amount of small businesses specialising in such things, but M&S had a good range, too). And now I can lounge in slinky comfort along with Ms Pope, even if my hair will never be as glossy, nor my skin as lustrous, as Kerry Washington’s.

[I actually think I have a weird sleepwear fetish. I watched two episodes of ITV’s sumptuous Victoria before those floor-length, high-collared white nightgowns began to look good. Luckily Vic’s not so hot on the old claret.]


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