Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Sometimes, it feels like a show tracks you down and *makes* you watch it. So it was with offbeat new US comedy Crazy-Ex Girlfriend. A month or two ago, a friend posted it on my Facebook wall, saying ‘I think you might like this’. All I could see was the title, so after my initial ‘Hey, I’m not that bad…’ reaction, I watched the trailer, and yep, this had new addiction stamped all over it.

It’s a little bit Kimmy Schmidt, a little bit New Girl, and a dash of Smash (my favourite all-singing, all-dancing TV series). Crucially, it has a super-talented lead and a brilliant ensemble of weirdos. I’m in, I thought. And then it was nowhere to be seen. Not on British TV, anyway.

Then, on a long flight, I noticed that Virgin had the CEG pilot on its in-flight entertainment. Yes! I watched it twice, snorted with laughter throughout (sorry, seat 17J) and resolved to track the rest down once I was home. It didn’t take much effort – the day I returned, jet lagged and post-holiday-blues-ridden, it had appeared on Netflix.

All you really need to know about CEG is that Rebecca Bunch (played by the brilliant Rachel Bloom) is a hot mess. But an adorable, well-meaning, optimistic hot mess who just wants life to live up to the musical in her head. In short, she’s you. She’s me. A burnt-out lawyer in New York, she decides she needs a change – and that’s when the one that got away (JOSH CHAN! I totally get it, Bex) re-enters her life. It sends her on a whirlwind adventure that some might call stalking, but she and her loyal friend Paula know is the path to true love. There are excellent parody songs a la Amy Schumer (I’m partial to Sexy Getting-Ready Song, but I’ve got a lot of time for Face Your Fears as well).

Massive respect to leading lady Bloom for a) showing off her amazing rack each episode – large-boobed women the world over applaud you – and also for looking appropriately shit in one particular supermarket scene. Yes. This is how girls look when we run out for emergency booze at 10pm. Deal with it.

It’s time we all stopped pretending we’re totally cool and together, and embraced our inner Rebecca. Get into it.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on Netflix. 


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