The Affair

  I meant to rave about this one during series one, but it seemed to go by in a flash! The Affair is dark, steamy, sexy, disturbing and clever — American TV drama at its best. The basic premise is, a married author goes to Montauk, New York State, for the summer with his family, and meets a waitress. They start an intense affair, an escape for both of them — and then get caught up in a murder trial when something goes horribly wrong. Only it’s told in flashbacks, with the first half of the episode following Noah’s version of events (a delicious Dominic West), and the second his lover Alison’s (the gorgeously-pouted Ruth Wilson — come on the Brits).

Depending on who’s remembering it, the details, motives and look of the flashback are ever so slightly altered — and one series and three episodes in, I’ve still no idea who did what to whom, or why. But I sure as hell want to know. And West and Wilson’s chemistry is insane: never has a disastrous, obsessive mid-life crisis looked so appealing.

This series it’s been shaken up by the addition of Noah’s ex-wife’s Helen’s recollections, too (vintage ER candy Maura Tierney), and I believe Alison’s ex (played by my teen Dawson’s Creek crush, Joshua Jackson) will also be getting in on the ever-clashing memories. It’s addictive stuff — those episodes cannot come fast enough.

Get your fix: The Affair is on Sky Atlantic, Wednesdays at 9. Series one is on Sky catch-up, or available to buy on iTunes


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