Baby Lips balm

 I’m quite a loyal lady when it comes to beauty. I have always used Vaseline as lip balm (the rose-scented pink one in recent years) because it does the job and is an absolute bargain, but this winter, I’ve switched teams.

I saw my girl crush Sian using a neon-bright tube of Maybelline’s Baby Lips balm at some point or other, and it must’ve lodged itself in my subconscious, because a month or so ago, I grabbed the green, watermelon-flavoured one instead of my usual tin. And it’s an instant favourite – really light, nourishing, non-greasy balm with a hint of colour that just seems super flattering. It’s great to slick on ten minutes before lipstick, or to just juice up my chapped winter lips a little. And it smells fruitylicious – next time I might try the cherry one, or the peach. Obsessed.

[Update: Got the cherry one. It’s insane. I want to eat it.]

Get your fix: Baby Lips balm, £2.99


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