Ain’t Got Far to Go – Jess Glynne


I always have a little bit of a morning jam going on. I’m not always enthuasiastic about jumping out of bed and getting out on the photogenic streets of Tooting (oh, and cheers for the great summer weather, London), but a bouncy little song in my ears puts some colour back into the world. It’s been the case for years – I remember listening to certain tracks on the way in to take my GCSEs, which would pump me up and help me focus (thank you, Destiny’s Child).

At the moment, that jam is Jess Glynne’s summer single Ain’t Got Far To Go. I’m a big fan of Glynne’s treacly tones (I only just stopped grooving in the show to Rather Be, which everyone else got over circa June 2014). But nothing else I’ve heard her on has perked up my ears quite like this one. It’s bouncy, it’s summery, it’s got strings, it’s got a great groove and it puts me in a cracking mood. I’ve even started a ‘Right side of bed’ Spotify playlist for the type of song that sets me on my way for a good Monday.
Comment with your sunny first-thing tracks!

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