Rimmel’s Wake Me Up range


I love make-up. I’m aware that doesn’t make me sound deep or credible, but I’ve always loved playing with it. I heart the bunny-soft brushes, the velvety red lipsticks, and the magic radiance created by a good highlighter or blush. But I’ve been trying to wear less lately: a) in an attempt to get more sleep, b) because I’m getting older and, dammit, I shouldn’t have to look like a carefully-contoured Kardashian doll to make a good impression and c) because it makes it even more fun to really go for a bold ‘look’ on special occasions.

I do actively feel myself clogging my skin though (once I could afford it, I switched to some Clinique and YSL products because they just feel just bit lighter and cleaner), and I’m not crazy about the sweet, powdery scent of most of my cosmetic weaponry. Earlier this summer I was looking for something a bit less heavy-duty to wear on my face for hotter days and unglamorous desk time. I’ve tried BB cream but wasn’t crazy about the coverage (though Garnier’s oil free one is by far the best). Anyway, lured by that ageless siren Kate Moss, I picked up Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation – and then, finding it was 3-for-2, was duly suckered into buying the mascara from the same range, and a cheeky highlighter too.

And they’re great! Silly impulsive shopping FTW. The Wake Me Up stuff’s main USP is that it all smells fresh – the foundation artfully peachy (‘hey, maybe my face looks peachy and dewy, too!) and the mascara (in a shiny green tube) like a cucumbery spa treatment. The latter is also very light, subtle and smooth – basically the opposite of the crusty black clumpiness we all fear; perfect daytime lashes. The fluid highlighter is golden-shimmery, and using all three on mornings like this, when last night’s red wine has made me feel puffy and dull, is a godsend. Like a tiny facial in the mornings. It might be pure olfactory placebo, but I’m into it.


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