Bad Blood – Taylor Swift


Weirdly enough, I spent much of my weekend listening to Taylor Swift. Like most other people (admit it) I came around to Swifty circa Shake it Off. You just can’t knock that tune; it’s pure, unadulterated joy, giggles and adorkable cool. And I defy you not to dance like a loony when it comes on. But I didn’t get her album 1989, because I’m all about that Spotify, and as we know, Taylor is not.

However, something made me take the plunge and download it on iTunes this weekend; I just felt like I wanted to sketch on a bright lip colour, Taylor style, and remind myself that life is fun, boys are stupid and pop is pop(ular) for a reason. Anywhoo, I hadn’t realised while grooving to Bad Blood in the shower that I was missing the countdown to the long-awaited video release for that track, which went insanely viral today.

Here it is:

It’s ace for many reasons. Taylor has Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevigne and Jessica Alba in her crew. They’re dressed like Hunger-Games-meets-Sin-City warriors and they’re blowing shit up. And the song itself may be a little relentless, but it’s clearly an earworm with legs. If that makes any sense.

Move over Sia, there’s a new album on repeat.


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