Goat’s cheese with rosemary


You can tell a lot about my addictions from what I bring back from my travels. Nicked hotel toiletries, usually, but also various wines, snacks and new hobbies I can’t be without on home soil. Last weekend I was in Lyon, where my favourite spot was Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse (the huge covered market named after the city’s star chef). And I brought back cheese.

Not just any cheese. The smoothest, creamiest tube length of goat’s cheese you can possibly fathom: lighter than Kylie. More velvety than an angora rabbit. And it was sprinkled with dried rosemary, just to give it a bit of a herby edge.

It was five Euros for a piece the size of a Twix, but I regret nothing. You’ll find it at the Mons cheese stall, in the centre of Les Halles, manned by the charismatic (and English speaking) Etienne Boissy. This and dark chocolate salted caramels, crowned with a sprinkling of rock salt, was all I snapped up. I can’t wait to tuck into both with a nice glass of Beaujolais.

Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse, 102 cours Lafayette, 69003, Lyon.


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