Fields Café

It’s starting to be sunny in London. Proper, unclouded, heat-giving sunshine that makes me think maybe this bitter winter really might be over. (Isn’t it funny how British people always seem to be taken by surprise when the seasons change? We’re always raving about how it’s staying lighter longer, or how we’re wearing too many layers on the tube, or forgetting to pack our umbrellas. EVERY YEAR, guys.)

Anyway, the sun. One of my favourite local spots in southwest London is Clapham Common, where there is a healthy smattering of cool date bars, a Picturehouse cinema and some delicious bites to be found — and it just got that much better with the addition of Fields.

Much-hyped and long-awaited by the (many, many) fans of its sister restaurant, M1LK, Fields is a bit more trendy and whitewashed, though it’s manned by the same breed of hipster barista (hipsterista?). It’s in a little white rectangular building — a former sports club changing rooms or public toilets, I’d guess — next to a skate park, just inside the north bit of Clapham Common nearest to its tube stop. You can sit inside, getting high on the Workshop coffee fumes and pumping hip-hop soundtrack, but if the sun’s peeking out at all, definitely brave the benches outside.

I went last Saturday and sat and basked, no jacket or scarf, sun on my face, nuclear-strength coffee in hand. There are hipster magazines to be read, grape slushies to be slurped – and I can personally vouch for the poached eggs, bacon and smashed avocado.

Anyone want to go next week? I’ll do a little sun dance.

Fields Café, Rookery Road, Clapham Common.


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