Nigella and Elton on Instagram

Elton John Nigella Instagram

Instagram was already pretty great. Artfully filtered pictures of everything I love, from Peking duck to pugs, and the chance to share whatever fun food, travel or friendship moment you’re having.

But then Elton came, and he brought hysteria-brewing photos of his boys’ shiny shoes by the fireplace on the eve of his wedding to David Furnish, not to mention his exceptional Christmas tree and the hashtag #SharetheLove to nudge the haters into acknowledging his big, gay, beautiful marriage. It was lovely, and a darn good use of social media (take note, Kim Kardashian and your book of selfies).

AND THEN NIGELLA HAPPENED. Of *course* Nige should have been on Instagram. She’s all about the food porn, the beauty porn and the general life porn (minty Le Creuset pots, watermelon radishes, wood fires). She’s really bloody good at it — or her PR person is, depending on how cynical you are about social media.

Not following either? Get involved.


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