Benefit: The Porefessional

I’ve never really held with certain beauty products. Toner: is there really much call for that? Lash enhancer: really? There’s something that will make the hair in your eyelids grow faster? Highlighter: £25 for shiny cheekbones? What’s wrong with Vaseline?

One of these bullshit beauty buys has always been primer. Your skin is SHINY and UNEVEN, the marketing bods tell us. Foundation can help, they say, but only a PRE-FOUNDATION LAYER can make you look Photoshopped to Rosie Huntington-Whiteleyish perfection. I’ve only ever found cheapo primers that made me shinier and left me feeling like I had way too much goop plastered on.

BUT, I got a magazine sample of Benefit’s best-selling version (this is how so many of my beauty addictions start – damn you, Glamour magazine) and it actually makes a difference. I don’t know if it just pairs perfectly with my foundation (Clinique Stay Matte, btw), but it gives this sort of soft-focus effect to my makeup and keeps it on (and matte) much longer. Yes, it’s pricey (Benefit are irritatingly addictive for a company that charges £25 a product) but in its defence, a teeny tiny amount goes a long, long way. And it’s not just me – check out the raves on  I’m hooked.

Primer conspiracy theory debunked.

Get your fix:

Benefit The Porefessional, £24.50


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