The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Five reasons to watch the newest Netflix-only series, generating serious buzz on social media this week.

1. You heart Tina Fey
You don’t? Well, get off of my blog. I’ve girl crushed on Tina ever since I first saw 30 Rock, right through her excellent autobiography Bossypants and peaking at this year’s Golden Globes. Like all of her projects, the jokes in Kimmy are quick-fire, razor sharp and, at times, unashamedly silly. I love her characters and I can already see I’m going to love this lot. Plus Ellie Kemper (of Bridesmaids and the US Office) is a top choice for what could have been an irritatingly saccharine character – New Girl, take note.

2. You like your comedy super on-topic
The theme tune is a YouTube autotune remix of a news report witness, a la Antoine ‘Hide Your Kids’ Dodson; the heroine is an abducted member of an underground Doomsday cult, recently sprung loose by a friendly SWAT team. The pilot taps into the US media’s obsession with middle-American freakshow news stories and their victims, but with a positive spin – Kimmy is unbreakable, and she’s determined not to stay a victim for long.

3. You’re a proud weirdo
Like Mean Girls and 30 Rock, the heroes of Kimmy Schmidt are those who let their freak flag fly. And if you don’t fall straight in love with Titus Andromedon (Kimmy’s black, gay, Broadway-wannabe flatmate), especially when he responds to Kimmy’s cult background with a Dreamgirls ‘No, no, no NO way’, there is something plain wrong with you.*

4. You miss Jenna Maroney 
Jane Krakowski is completely at home as the disgustingly rich mum who ends up employing Kimmy (‘You’ll need to make a cake that’s cute, but also Paleo.’). She is so damn good at playing unbearable people you grudgingly end up loving. And, in this, she has kids named Buckley and Xanthippe (the latter described by one Twitter user as ‘the most terrifying character on television today‘).

5. You don’t mind a Netflix binge
Does anyone else find it increasingly hard to yank themsleves out of the quicksand that is Netflix cueing up the next episode of whatever you’re watching? I feel like I’ve lived half of the last week in my life and half in Alicia Florrick’s from The Good Wife. But I enjoyed the roller coaster ride of bingeing through Orange is the New Black and I can feel a Kimmyfest coming on any weekend now.

*My five favourite Titus moments (of series 1, anyway)

1. Pinot Noir
The music video we never knew we needed.

2. The wrong Boyz II Men song
At the worst possible time, namely a Korean stranger’s funeral.

3. Disney copyright issues
While brandishing a ginger cat in a budget, unlicensed Lion King.

4. Watching Kimmy’s abduction trial
And going through a rollercoaster of human emotions.

5. Auditioning for Spidermen Too: 2 Many Spidermen
Any time Titus sings is a glorious moment, but this ill-advised sequel is one of the best.


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