TK Maxx (for jeans)

When I was a teenager, a TK Maxx opened in our local shopping town, and everyone went nuts. But I hated it. It’s just always felt like this overwhelming jumble sale of gym gear, terrifying polyester prom dresses and candles in questionable scents. I don’t like rifling through 80% crap to find a gem. I like organisation, colour grouping and beautifully-lit shelves. Reader, I like the high street.

Ever since that first encounter, my mum (a huge fan) has been trying to drag me back, with no luck. Until I braved the New Year sales looking for my wardrobe nemesis: jeans. I hated shopping for jeans almost as much as I hated the Maxx. Only Zara has ever seemed to do reasonably nice-looking jeans to accommodate my short legs and un-supermodelly hips, but even that mocked me with its scant tables of too-small sizes and unflattering ‘jeggings’.

In the end, bafflingly, it was TK Maxx that saved the day – within minutes I’d scooped up armfuls of peculiarly still-there size 12s and regular leg lengths, and in a bunch of different styles and colours to boot. They have a ton of brands I never would have considered treating myself to and most are insanely cheap. I was out in a record half an hour, clutching the nicest-fitting, dark-enough-for-work-and-evening indigo jeans (for about £20) and a pair of lovely lighter J Brands (£50) as well. A revelation! TK Maxx for January sale jeans. With minimum rifling.

My 2015 jeans were found in TK Maxx Covent Garden.


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