The Good Wife

Another Netflix addiction, this one. I love case-an-episode kind of TV show (see House and Scandal) and The Good Wife gives good plot – with a little extra in the form of the main arc, lawyer and political wife Alicia Florrick’s marital problems after her States Attorney husband is embroiled in a sex scandal. While Alicia tries to rebuild her life after her husband’s very public affair with a prostitute and subsequent imprisonment for bribery, ‘old friend’ Will Gardiner (with whom she has searing hot, unfinished-business chemistry, obvs) offers her a job at his law firm. Getting back in the game after years of standing at her husband’s side in flattering suits, Alicia has to fight it out as a junior associate, but her instincts and warmth serve her well.

There’s a great script, fab supporting characters (Kalinda, played by Archie Panjabi of Bend it Like Beckham fame – nice upgrade – is a particularly dark horse), and Alan Cumming has a spectacular turn as Mr Florrick’s shady public image adviser. There’s also Mr Big (Chris Noth), a scheming mother in law, kickass Christine Baranski, Ridley Scott producing and a swirl of secrets yet to be unleashed.

Netflix at your peril – this one could become an evening ritual.

The Good Wife is available on Netflix and 4OD.


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