Blood I Bled EP – The Staves


I loved these girls the second I heard their symphonic, folky sound and angelic three-part harmonies. It was actually a Guardian profile that led me to listen to them, and I was hooked from track one.

No one really sounds like The Staves; they’re these perfectly balanced nymphs that create the sort of incredibly pure sound that can only come from harmonising together for many years. They alternate lead vocals and all have a slightly different sound when they do have a moment.

Anyway, I completely overdosed on their debut album Dead and Born and Grown — it’s still my go-to chill-out album for flights, frosty weekend mornings and wistful moments — and I’ve been waiting for this trio of British sisters to haunt my ears again ever since.

Three-track EP Blood I Bled came out in September and I was all over the title track, produced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. It’s builds beautifully, is subtle but symphonic and just sounds like an aural wisp of autumn woodsmoke. There’s also something a bit witchy/curse-like about it, which you have to love. Other tracks Open and America are equally spellbinding. I need a whole new album soon though please! (If I Was isn’t out until Feb 2015.)

Listen and love.


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