Cocktail Baby


I’ve known where to get the best fried chicken in London for a while now. The ultimate test was bringing my friend who adores (and is thus a well informed connoisseur of) all things chicken, comfort foody and fried. She was equally obsessed and has been going back ever since. This haven of crispy poultry is Joe’s Southern Kitchen, just off of Covent Garden’s main piazza.

So how delighted was I, when going through the usual rigmarole of finding a decent central London happy hour, to find (via glorious Twitter) that they now have a wee basement bar. And it does signature cocktails for a fiver every night. Joe’s, you have not shouted about this bad boy enough.

Cocktail Baby even does bar-snack-scaled versions of the upstairs restaurant’s ridiculously delicious food (fried wings rather than full-on chicken, fries, jalapeño poppers). After enough of the sublime £5 watermelon martinis to equate the night’s spend to a couple of drinks in a more expensive bar, boy did we need those wings. Hot, crisp and peppery, they didn’t disappoint. The staff were also fun and chatty, which goes a long way.

Definitely my new favourite apres-work hideaway.

Three of the best London happy hours:

1. La Perla, Maiden Lane
£3.50 Margaritas? Okay then.

2. 55 Bar, Camden
No meagre happy hour menu for 55; all cocktails on their menu are 2-4-1 Mon-Sat, 6-8pm.

3. Barrio Central, Soho
This fun Latino bar has great deals, including £5 cocktails,  Sun-Thurs from 4-8pm. When they kick in, head downstairs for a dance in the basement club .


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