Andrea Faustini

I know… Some people switch off (both literally and figuratively) when the reality show titan is mentioned, but for once, there’s someone worth watching on The X Factor.

Andrea Faustini may be the perfect contestant. He’s adorable, he’s humble, he’s nerdy, he has a voice to be reckoned with, and he may be a pug-jumper-wearing, beardy Italian bloke, but my GOD does he have the spirit of a diva within. I especially love his lip-curling, finger-wagging style of singing – he puts Diana Ross to shame. Yes, he is a little bit of an underdog when I’m usually team winner, and yes, he may well end up shoehorned into a touring cast of Rent rather than selling out arena tours.

But it’s Andreas’ moment. People are beginning to see through the X Factor facade, and the forced-upon-us cuties and sob stories (BYE JAKE) are losing their impact. It’s time for someone hugely talented who would never normally snap up a record deal (hello, original concept for the entire show) to win this one. If you don’t believe me, just watch him take on Michael Jackson’s worst ever song and make it triumphant.

Three songs we NEED to hear Andrea sing:

1. The Show Must Go On – Queen
Usually I think reality show contestants should steer well clear of Freddie, but Andrea’s cocktail of tenor and high rock belt is crying out for this one.

2. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
We thought he’d gone as diva-ish as the human voice can physically go when he took on And I Am Telling You, but this might just top it. Plus it’s a fitting love letter to those of us not necessarily born for an album cover or a billboard.

3. I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston
He’s already Whitneyed our socks off once, but the big band flashes and light and shade in this one (plus one of the most hammed-up key changes of all time) would do wondrous things for Andrea.

Image: ITV. Pugs not drugs, kids.


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