Sephora all-in-one nourishing oil


I’m frantically trying to find this one on t’interweb and Sephora is letting me down a bit. But I KNOW it exists, because I bought it in Paris in July and there are loads of recent reviews online.

This is what, if I were a wanky beauty journalist, I would be calling my ‘hero product’ for sun holidays. I’m not going to call it that, but I will say it’s a great buy – I picked it up in Sephora on the Champs-Élysées on a girls’ minibreak with my sister, and it has kept my skin lovely and non-peely between and beyond two intensely sunny holidays. If you haven’t shopped in Sephora – DO IT, and in person. It’s a lovely girly haven of different brands and will literally have a solution for everything you want tamed, accentuated or hidden. Plus, in the Paris flagship store the staff rolled out a red carpet and then danced down it to welcome us in at opening time. Why isn’t all shopping that fun?

This particular find is one of those fab dry body oils you spritz on merrily, but a little goes a long way and it smells expensive – hints of almond and jojoba – but also summery. It gives you sheeny legs, softens elbows, and you can even use it on your face (if you’re brave – my skin is quite picky with these things) and hair (great for smoothing down flyaways, but it will make blonde hair look greasy if it goes too near the roots).

I spritzed my way through it in a month, so much did I love the smell and non-greasy moisture after a shower. Now I’m googling fiendishly and hoping I don’t have to get on the Eurostar to replace it…

Three beauty must-haves for sun worshippers:

1. Vaseline (rose is my poison), £1.99
Still the best lip balm in the world (although when did it double in price?!)
2. Nivea sun spray, from £12.60
Smells like gingerbread. Nuff said.
3. Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, £32.50
Enhance that glow if you’ve got it, fake it if you haven’t.


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