Prison Break


At the weekend I started watching Prison Break with my new housemate (more Sky box sets). I’m only 3 episodes in, but there’s a lot to love (as well as a few ‘MY EYES’ moments of violence and ickiness).

Four reasons to watch if you haven’t already:

1. The intriguing opening sequence. Well-to-do looking bloke gets an intricate full-back tattoo and a gun, holds up a bank, gets caught with a gleam in his eyes and won’t cooperate with lawyers to get a reduced sentence. What the devil is he playing at?

2. The bloke is Wentworth Miller. And Wentworth Miller is hot.

3. It has Deb from Empire Records in it. Except instead of a shaved head and suicidal tendencies, she’s got a law degree and an unresolved romance with a guy on death row.

4. If you’re a bit of a girl and unused to violence and crime, like me, you’ll jump out of your seat and gasp a lot. And who doesn’t enjoy that?

Get your fix:
Prison Break is available on Sky box sets and Netflix.


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