Neon nails

Neon nails
Little things make me happy. Superficial things, some might say, but even those meanies would be surprised at the lift they get from a little self-gift or a moment of pampering.

I came back from glorious sunshine just under two weeks ago, and it’s been miserable, drizzly and grey in London ever since. So I’ve kept a sneaky bit of sunshine to myself — pink neon nails that lift the woolly jumpers, umbrella and tights (WHY) I’ve had to don, and remind me of better times, when the only concern I had was which frappé to order or which beautiful bay to swim in today.

Get your fix:
The above candy-neon shade is Kiss Chase by Ciaté, but my other vote for summery nails, always, is Barry M, for its £2.99 bargain price and huge range of shades, if not its longevity (try NP279).


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