Champagne pops

Pops Champagne lolly

I’m not much of an ice lolly person, but there are things that will change a person. One of those things is having a Champagne-flavoured ice pop delivered to your desk in the heat of summer.

My elation came in waves. Oh wow, a Champagne-flavoured lolly! But it’s just flavouring, right? Wait… it’s 37% Champagne? It’s ORGANIC Champagne? But made in Britain? And not a gimmick, but available to actual fizz-loving punters?

It was too good to be true. It couldn’t really taste like that first glass of crisp, first-out-of-the-still-smoking-bottle bubbly… could it? But it did. Slightly boozy, even, but mainly just decadently refreshing. I immediately wanted to buy a crateload for a summer party. It’s just the sort of thing you feel you should be drinking on your yacht (imaginary, in my case).

Look out for them at parties next summer… They’re quite the novelty thirst-quencher.

Get your fix:
POPS Champagne ice lollies, £5 each, £100 for a box of 24, home delivery available,
Now available in Selfridges’ new bar and restaurant On the Roof with Q.


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