It’s a truth universally acknowledged (these days) that the TV box set is the new blockbuster movie. People rave about them, trends spread, spoilers ruin lives, and we get deeply, deeply obsessed. I myself spent a delirious four days with acute tonsillitis watching so many back-to-back series of Game of Thrones that it actually began to feel like Westeros was the real world and my foggy memories of London, work and friends were a mere dream.

My new housemates and I have just upped our Sky subscription to include on-demand box sets, and while it’s an odd hotchpotch of shows that you get, there are some absolute crackers on there that I’ve missed out on in recent months and years.

Over the weekend, I immersed myself in the first six episodes of Scandal, having absorbed all of the hype about Shonda Rhimes’ concept and Kerry Washington’s kickass wardrobe as Olivia Pope some months back. It is epic. Fast paced and twisty-turny, the closest thing I can compare it to is House (quippy team of vigilante lawyers take on Washington’s biggest scandals, to the perpetual chagrin of the authorities), but with some sexy White House action and a fiery female lead thrown in.


Washington really does make the best threats and blackmail speeches ever seen on TV. And, not to get all Cosmo on you, but looks absolutely luminous and perfectly put-together while doing so. Annoyingly, she looks like she gets a particuarly good amount of sleep, which is totally at odds with the character.

Okay, so the dialogue is a little camp. There’s a lot of ‘I am OLIVIA POPE’ ‘You’re OLIVIA POPE, goddamnit’, ‘Who the hell are you?’ ‘[Pause] OLIVIA POPE’. She’s the most chronic self-referencer since Craig David. But it succeeds in keeping you hooked where Homeland began to run a little dry – more sex and betrayal, less politics. But I love her already and I love the show. Nice one, Shonda. Only 41 episodes to catch up on.

Get your fix:
Scandal season one is available on Sky Box sets. Season three is currently on Sky Living, Thursdays at 9pm.


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