Maybelline Big Eyes eyeshadow

BigEyesI fall in and out of love with eyeshadow – maybe I’m a bit makeup phobic, but I often think it just ages me or looks a bit dated. For the last couple of years, a clean wash of nude shadow has been about standard for me, interspersed with the odd smoky eye, but I’ve recently found the sweet spot between nude and striking shadow with this Big Eyes palette. 

This trio of pale, shimmery nude, rusty orange and light brown shades can be smudged together very lightly for a striking, yet daytime, contouring effect. It makes blue or green eyes brighter (they have a few different options for eye colour – I found out while writing this post that I’ve actually been using the brown eyes one – works for me!) and can be played up with a slick of liquid liner or down with just light, feathery mascara to anchor it.

I’ve worn it to weddings, work and parties lately and have had a few distinct compliments on my eye make up. It’s my favourite kind of product in that it doesn’t look like you’re doing more necessarily, but it has that optical illusion effect that just accents what you have. See also Posie Tint, Bourjois Ultra Care mascara and YSL Touché Eclat.

Get your fix:

Maybelline Big Eyes eyeshadow trio in Luminous Brown (01), £6.99


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