Strip waxing

StripThere is nothing fun about waxing. I don’t care how joyful those Veet models look ripping body fuzz from their follicles with a dodgy DIY home kit, it’s painful, uncomfortable, expensive and boys are so lucky to not have to worry about it. I mean, how have they not invented something just as effective but less skin-rippingly searing at this point?

Traditionally I’ve taken care of my own de-fuzzing (much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I say where, I say who, I say how much) but in the last few months I have turned to the pros a few times, for special occasions. Big parties for example, or ‘getting back in the game’ (I’ll leave it at that in case my mum’s reading).

And I have rather been converted via the mad skills of Strip waxing in Soho (among other branches). It’s just a slightly more pleasant version of the aforementioned agonising hassle, with a cute lingerie shop attached, not to mention smiley therapists, nicely decorated treatment rooms, scented wax and episodes of Friends on flat screen TVs.

I can only vouch for the excellent, speedy and surprisingly wise Natalia, but it’s the least uncomfortable – pain and modesty wise – I’ve ever felt in a waxing situation. Still pricey, though.

Get your fix:

Strip waxing boutique, Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8SZ. 020 7434 4222


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