America’s Next Top Model 2.0

imageThey mixed it up! Just months after I proclaimed America’s Next Top Model officially dead, Tyra and co have bounced back with a new formula: girls versus boys.

I know what you’re thinking: this isn’t really a fair fight, pitching samey, buff male models against the peacocky glory of female modelling and its many combinations of facial features, hair, make-up and wardrobe choices. But the boys here are well cast and surprisingly diverse, from Ryan OC-reminiscent Jeremy to smouldering Jesus lookalike Phil and chiselled Latino Marcus. There’s even a fierce transsexual, but I won’t go into the drama of that particular storyline…

The models are paired in various smokin’ combinations for shoots and there are a few romances going on in the house as well as the usual squabbles. All round, great trashy Thursday night TV.

My top five:

1. Nina
2. Phil
3. Jiana
4. Jourdan
5. Don

Get your fix:

America’s Next Top Model 2.0: Guys and Girls, Thursdays, 8pm, Sky Living


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