Festival hair

imageLet me be clear about one thing: I don’t really do festivals. And a large part of the reason for that is hair. Yes, it sounds idyllic to spend three days wandering through fields of happy, drunk people, listening to great bands and drinking cider out of plastic cups and looking like Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella*.

But my unruly hair is decidedly un-Ambrosio and will get flat, limp and greasy after just one day. Not to mention my shudders of horror at baby wipe ‘baths’ and Portaloos. But two things changed my mind about a festival jaunt this summer: my awesome choir, the Adam Street Singers, being invited to sing at one, and my recent acquisition of a pair of lilac Hunter wellies (pictured below), which I was just dying to use in a real field scenario.

Anyway, it turns out when you have a messy, lengthy bob like mine has grown out to be, festival hair is surprisingly simple.

Get your fix:

Step 1. Wash on day of leaving for the festival. I washed mine thoroughly about half an hour before meeting the gang for a ride down to Festibelly in the New Forest in this sweet VW Campervan. 10527519_10100452668377977_248273598017637283_n

Step 2. Spritz in a little (but not too much) sea salt texturising spray and scrunch hair thoroughly to create some waves. I used this one.

Step 3. Twist the front two sections of hair into a twisty rope (technical term) and pin the ends at the back of your head with kirby grips for the journey.

Step 4. Drink a lot of gin out of plastic Champagne flutes on the journey in the back of said Campervan. Not essential for hair-zhushing, but it didn’t hurt.

Step 5. On arrival, apply your secret weapon — a chunky flower crown/hairband (above). Mine was £1.50 from Primark. No jokes. It hides any greasy roots at the front, pushes your hair out of your shiny festival face and… it just looks ace. Surprise of the weekend.

Step 6. On all subsequent mornings, dry shampoo the arse out of your roots (Batiste is a classic for a reason) and continue to scrunch/zhush up your curls.

NB. At NO POINT must you ever brush it out. NO. Put down that mini festival-sized brush.

Happy festivalling folks!

*In my dreams.


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