Ben’s Canteen

The first place I ever lived in London was Earlsfield, in the deep south west, and it’s still one of my favourite little neighbourhoods. Though part of the area known as ‘Nappy Valley,’ its young community attracts sweet little boutiques, BYOB restaurants and cafés, and I still go back and meet friends at Mel’s and my old local, the legendary Wandle.

Its most recent treasure, where I breakfasted with the friend I most miss living round the corner from, is Ben’s Canteen, a fresh, pristine white incarnation of the old dusty and dowdy Willie Gunn pub on Garratt Lane. The original Ben’s is in Battersea, but Earlsfield is the perfect place for this chilled out, breezy café (literally – we sat right at an open window on a sunny day) and its menu of ridiculously tempting brunch and all-day bites. I have some brunch go-tos (eggs royale, avocado on toast) but I literally wanted everything on this menu. Soft-shell crab burger with peanut mayo, people. Breakfast burritos. Mac and cheese. There’s even the chance to get a free Bloody Mary when you Instagram your breakfast. What’s not to love?

In the end I reverted to type and went for this sumptuous take on avocado toast, which took proper, oily chorizo sausage, super-ripe avo, perfectly poached eggs and roasted vine tomatoes and pretty much made my weekend with them.

Get your fix:
Ben’s Canteen, 422 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4HW



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