Kew Gardens scented candles

I do love a candle. My scented candle obsessions range from the budget (TU by Sainsbury’s Wild Cotton – rubbish burn time but smells like fresh laundry) to the blow out (Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir – sexiest candle on the market), but I just like walking into my room and getting a nostril-full of loveliness.

Recently I was treated to John Lewis voucher and had a little shopping spree purely for Small Things That Make Me Happy. I didn’t want to spend the full whack on a candle on this occasion, but I went to Peter Jones and their almost-too-delightful-to-bear scented candle shop and sniffed pretty much everything in there. I actually felt a little light-headed afterwards.

In the end I made a great discovery – Kew Gardens, of all places, has done its own range, and voila – now a properly potent, delicious pear and freesia candle lights up my room and my soul.

Get your fix:

Flaming bargain
TU by Sainsburys Wild Cotton candle, £4

Light spend
Kew Gardens pear and freesia candle, from £10

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir home candle, £39


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