Asia the dog

Anyone who has liked Lady Gaga on Facebook may have found their timelines taken over by a tiny, snuffly, bat-eared creature lately.

No, not one of Gaga’s outlandish alter egos, but Asia, the singer’s tiny black French bulldog and latest obsession. Every day there seems to be a new Asia video or photo, and whether she’s flying first class or enjoying a lie in, the puppy’s long-suffering expression is always adorable. The singer posted the above snap of her snoozing while clutching a bottle of whisky with the caption ‘Asia’s wasted’ (cue thousands of likes).

Apparently ‘Frenchies’ are the breed du jour – yesterday’s Sunday Times Style barometer called them ‘the thinking person’s labradoodle’.

I like this playful new insight into Gaga’s touring life. Almost as good as her brilliant fan photos which also pop up regularly. I particularly liked this hijack of a religious protest sign.

Get your fix:
See more from Asia the dog on Facebook and Instagram.


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