Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm crayon

Revlon ColorBurst lip balm crayon

I’m lucky enough to get the odd beauty freebie in my line of work. This is a great way of having a little tinker with pricey products you wouldn’t normally go for and see what’s worth investing in (moisturiser: yes, eyeliner: don’t bother). This is all fine and dandy until you get addicted to something that you find is a little punishing to replace.

Last year I got a Clinique Chubby Stick lip balm crayon and used it all the time. It was in a cute candy-to-hot pink (Pudgy Peony, I think the Clinique bods would call it) and it was really good for making really basic daytime or office make up pop. Just a slicked on coat of it at the end of a work day made a difference, even if I didn’t have any other beauty goodies to hand. It didn’t smudge, it wasn’t too pink — it was perfect. So when I went to replace it and found it was £17 (£17! That’s dinner at Pizza Express with a glass of wine! That’s a dress and a last-minute till purchase at H&M! That’s… more than I’ll ever pay for lip balm) I decided to do what I rarely do, and hunt for the high street rip off of it. There are things I’ll splash out on at Clinique — their Stay Matte foundation and Liquid Facial Soap to name but two — but I draw the line at lightly tinted lip grease.

Anyway, Revlon’s incredibly similar-looking ColorBurst crayons were everywhere and (swoon) modelled by my BFF-she-just-doesn’t-know-it-yet, Emma Stone. So I’ve snapped one up in a pretty close shade (‘Unapologetic’) and I’m really happy with it — and not just because it cost a full £9 less than the original. It goes on just as nicely as Clinique’s and has the added bonus of smelling like a cupcake. As, I’d imagine, does Emma Stone.

Get your fix: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm, £7.99


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