Gender flipping

Jennifer Lopez I Luh Ya Papi video still

Instead of ranty blog posts and shouty TV debates, feminist creatives are getting clever with simply gender-switching images or video they find offensive. First we had the many parodies of Robin Thicke’s disturbing anthem of last year Blurred Lines  (this one is the best), then the unsettling French campaign video Majorité Opprimée (Oppressed Majority). Now the US music video industry is getting a well-deserved poking by none other than the fabulously sexy Jennifer Lopez.

J Lo may not strike you as the most strident feminist, but her most recent video for (I wish it wasn’t called this) I Luh Ya Papi smoothly takes on the Pharrells, Jay Zs and Pitbulls as the singer surrounds herself and her girlfriends with a pack of oiled up, naked dudes to objectify. It’s not a clever song, but I love the video — especially the moment where they’re snapping the male model emerging from the pool on her iPad. I also enjoy how clothed J Lo and crew are, merrily singing about her love for her trophy boy and blowing him patronising little kisses. She hasn’t changed the world — there’s still a blow job reference (of COURSE) in the rap — but you’ve got to love the woman for trying to redress the balance in an industry full of needless faux lesbianism and tool licking.* Not to mention how much a video costs to produce and the hordes of marketing people who likely advised against this approach. And she’s having a bit of fun with it too.

Enjoyable. I Luh Ya Jenny.

Get your fix:

See also: How the media failed women in 2013.

*Incidentally, if you try and google ‘Most sexist music videos’ it automatically redirects you to ‘Sexiest music videos’. Worrying.


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