My ‘sweat it out’ running playlist


People handle break ups in different ways. I’m always impatient to get past the sadness; I hate the feeling of weakness and cynicism that dominates the post-break-up spell. This time, I’ve decided to sweat it out, much like you would a cold or flu. While I wish this involved whisky-spiked hot toddies and hours under a snuggly duvet, we all know the best way to sweat out toxic man thoughts is a lot of cardio and a lot of steamy showers. Preferably more time spent on the former.

To help myself along (I’m not a natural gym bunny), I’ve constructed a kickass Spotify playlist to run to. I’ve tried to keep a balance between ‘f**k you’ rage (Numb), cheesy Eighties power tracks (Hold On) and head-clearing, speed-gaining euphoria (Spectrum). It has nudged me to rediscover some old favourites too. Who else had forgotten how badass Pink’s debut There You Go is? Jennifer Lopez’s Get Right reminds me of getting ready for a uni night out, filled with youthful confidence and cherry VK. The less retro Gypsy from Lady Gaga’s last album is me skipping around a sunny Hong Kong last November, solo and itinerary free. I don’t know how long this energy burst will last, but the music is pushing me harder and farther than ever before.


2 thoughts on “My ‘sweat it out’ running playlist

  1. Oh !!! How I can relate! I associate my beloved Nike trainers with a broken heart. Not a natural gym bunny either, I quite like Barry’s bootcamp in London. Simply bc you have no time to think, only enough time to breath ..if you can 😉 thx for the playlist xx


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