Christina Marie


She was robbed!

I am, of course, talking about The Voice finalist Christina Marie (The Voice doesn’t get to be an addiction as I spent most of this series fast-forwarding to CM’s performances on catch up). The 20-year-old has the looks of a younger, edgier Katy Perry, the voice of Mariah-meets-Aguilera-meets-Amy-Lee-from-Evanescence and she can choose the crap out of a song, doing Foo Fighters, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Nancy Sinatra over the course of the series. She’s really quite something.

So of course competitor Jermain Jackman won on Saturday. He was good throughout and certainly had an interesting voice, but was also much less secure to listen to, much less extraordinary, and you can’t help but think it was the headline-tempting package of ‘political teen from Hackney’ that swung it in the end. (Though an unlikely highlight of Saturday night was Tom Jones and his finalist Sally singing Walking in Memphis – he seemed so happy and sounded so fab, and she is just such a pro with that smoky tone. Duets album please.) But above any of the talent around her, Christina simply could not win because she was a bit annoying.

I have some issues with the phenomenon of ‘annoying’ but talented women on The Voice. When Jessie J was on it as a judge, the token female in those swivelly red chairs, the general consensus seemed to be that she should shut her chatty mouth and not be so critical of the contestants (what’s wrong with this picture?). Yes, Jessie’s manner could be brash and immature but a) she was about 24 at the time and b) had the best technical voice and the most to say about how people were performing. It shouldn’t matter how she came across.

This was Christina Marie’s downfall – through over-eagerness (or more likely nerves), she was a bit chatty and over the top in her brief post-performance interviews. But she sang everyone else off of that stage. It’s sad how a few personal mannerisms or too many words can eclipse such obviously superior talent for the sob story-addicted UK public.

Luckily you can download her many kickass covers on iTunes – and I suspect her success will eclipse Jermain’s anyway.

Get your fix:
1. The Power of Love (Frankie, not Huey. But I’ve no doubt she’d even make that sound like vocal lava).
2. Everlong
3. Fix You

Image: BBC One


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