Leon egg pots

Leon egg breakfast pot

For someone who really can’t afford it, I’m an awful one for buying breakfast en route to work. I’ve tried to dial it down to very specific and brutal hangover situations, but it happens, and when it does, I honestly don’t think there’s a better grab-and-go breakfast than the Leon egg pot.

These start at  £1.95 (cheaper and less bready than most of your bacon roll options) and involve a cooked, runny egg in a pot with some kind of sauce and extra goodness like chorizo, ham or beans. They may sound rich but if your dream breakfast is eggs Benedict or Florentine, you’ll love them. I like the basic pot with creamy truffle sauce – TRUFFLE SAUCE, for Pete’s sake -with Leon’s yummy, dense wholemeal toast for just £1 extra. Sometimes they only charge 50p for the toast. I’ve no idea why and I’m not going to ask. God help me if I ever move to an office that isn’t Leon-adjacent.

Oh, egg pots. It’s been a saucy, sordid affair but I just can’t give you up. You’re my absolute favourite thing to wake up to.

Get your fix:
Egg pots, from £1.95, Leon restaurants


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