Cocoa nib teas

Hotel Chocolat cocoa nib tea bags

I’m mostly a black coffee and herbal tea person. I’ve been trying to cull my coffee recently as it elevates any deskside anxiety, but I still want that rich hit of flavour.

Enter Hotel Chocolat’s cocoa nib tea bags. Gifted to me by a friend who was on the fence about the concept, they are a tea revelation. Pour some hot water in and they smell exactly like proper, cocoa-rich chocolate; leave for four minutes and sip to find the oddest mouthful of chocolate flavoured water.

And it is water, herbal tea-style – you don’t add milk – but you get the full cocoa hit upfront, followed by none of the cloying sugariness of hot chocolate.

A revelation, I tell you. A pricey revelation, but the perfect gift for a chocoholic tea drinker who’s trying to curb their habit.

Get your fix:
Hotel Chocolat cocoa infusion tea, £9 for 18 bags


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