Fashion Police

Fashion Police TV Show
Usually I’m loud and proud about my addictions, but this one gives me pause.

I didn’t mean for it to happen. Sky programming can be so damn dull, and some weekends (once I’ve caught up with my other current TV addictions, Girls, The Taste and The Voice) I end up idly channel-hopping in search of something trashy to take the edge off – the sugar rush of late night TV.

That’s how I found Joan and co. Sitting there in their cosy little studio with its uproarious audience of crew members, bitching their tushes off to no one in particular (me) about celebrity red carpet choices. I didn’t want to find it funny. My finger was on the channel changer.

But then Joan Rivers drops one of her glorious call-the-lawyers similes, the gay guy cackles with such abandon, Kelly Osborne flicks that (frankly mesmerising) lilac hair and Giuliana Rancic contributes as little as it’s possible for a breathing, sentient being to contribute, and I’m hooked.

Don’t even get me started on the genius of Starlet or Streetwalker.

Get your fix:
Fashion Police, Mondays at 10pm on E!


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