The bob


It’s spring. It’s still chilly in London, but we’re starting to get those crisp sunny days and blossoms peeking through. I always feel restless at this time of year, like it’s time for a change.

This year winter has been a bit of a hair rut – long, straggly thick hair I wind into a bun more often than I can bear to rake through it for a proper blow dry. So today I walked into my nearest hairdresser and demanded they chop it off. Most of it, anyway.

I may have had to squash a small panic attach as six-inch chunks of hair fell to the floor, but when all was smoothed out and blow dried, I loved it. I’m sure I’ll think again when I’m wrestling with a round brush and gallons of product tomorrow, but for now, I’m all about the bob.

Get your fix:

Three wow-factor celebrity bobs…
1. Katie Holmes
The first (and last?) time we ever saw Dawson’s one true love smoulder.
2. Lily Collins
Lily answers the age old question – can a bob be loose and sassy?
3. Sarah Jessica Parker
You’d think wild curls and chin-length hair are a recipe for disaster, but Carrie Bradshaw proved in season 5 of SATC that it can be done.


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