Salted caramel


Okay, strictly speaking I’ve been into this since the trend kicked off a year or two ago. But it had gone through a lull, and now I’m having a caramellaissance courtesy of the new Hix restaurant, Hixter, which I visited a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve had salted caramel in all of its usual, subtle guises – in brownies, lattes, truffles – but at Hixter they essentially served me a vat of the stuff in all of its thick, bubbling glory. Their salted caramel fondue comes with fresh donuts and marshmallows to dunk and is usually served for two, but after some cajoling they let me try a mini version. It was something else. Buttery, warm caramel with a smoky toffee hit, set off by a rebellious streak of proper salt. Highly recommended.

Get your fix:

Three of the best:

1. Salted caramel fondue, £12.50, Hixter (above)
2. Original salted caramels, £14.99, Artisan du Chocolat
3. Salted caramel and bourbon ‘liquid dessert’ milkshake, £7.50, The Happenstance, Ludgate Hill


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